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Free trial - no charges. No Credit card required.

What can you do:

Verify Insurance

New patient walks in - you can verify insurance coverage and balances within 1 minute. And when existing patient comes back - check insurance status, copay, deductibles and current balances.

CPT codes

Check eligibility for specific CPT code

Get Reminders

Get notifications when something changes - patient coverage expires, deductibe met, ...

Print and Save

Print out insurance coverage and store it patient's folder. Tell patient current balances, or even print out the coverage and balances for the patient to take home.

Who is using it:


You don't have to call insurance agent. Check patient's coverage and eligibility on-line. Check current deductubles and current balances, check generic or specific CPT codes, insurance expiration, and more. It takes less then a minute.


Check coverage status: print out deductibes, current balances, coverage - family and individual. Get notifications when anything changes in the policy, includign current balances.

Easy to use

User interface is clean and easy to use