About Ergominder

What, Why and Who?


What we do

Every person is either a patient or a doctor. But Healthcare system is complicated and it adds a lot of stress for both - patients and doctors. Many people are trying to avoid contacting doctors as long as possible. IT is supposed to help, but most of the time it just made doctors and patient experience more complicated. ErgoMinder was started to make patient and doctor lives a bit easier.

Why we do it

We believe healthcare and medicine will be re-invented over the next decade. Computer systems, Sensors and Data Analytics will make medicine more intelligent. Continuos health monitoring, personalized medications and AI could revolutionize the medicine as we know it today.

Insurance Verification

We start from the moment patient walks into doctor's office - check insurance status, co-pay, current balance, etc. It should not require calling insurance companies over the phone. It's better to access patient information on-line. It saves dozens of hours every month. More ...

Intelligent Protocols

When patient leaves doctor or hospital (after surgery) - it's common practice to give patient a handout what to do next (at home). We researched post-operation handouts for patients and found issues with most of them. No surprise about 76% don't follow doctors instructions. So we created protocol library and intelligent reminders for patients to follow. More ...

About us:


Our company is located in the Silicon Valley - San Francisco/Bay Area. But our team is spread all over the world: US, Europe, India. We hire people based on work ethics, discipline, commitment and quality of work.


Dr. Alex Kouznetsov founded ErgoMinder and has a long-term vision for the company. He has background in math, computer science, software, management and worked at Academics, Intel corp, various startups and mid-size companies. He has PhD in Numerical Math from Russian Academy of Sciences. Alex lives in Danville, CA with his wife.

We love what we do

We are technology team, but we love helping people by making smart, easy to use products. We are experts in Web, Mobile and User experience.