Verify Insurance:


Don't have to call insurance agent. Check patient's coverage and eligibility on-line. Check current deductubles and current balances, check generic or specific CPT codes, insurance expiration, and more.
It takes less then a minute.


Check coverage status: print out deductibes, current balances, coverage - family and individual. Get notifications when anything changes in the policy, includign current balances.

Very easy to use

User interface is very clean and easy to use



Select Protocol

Each protocol is a "check list" for patient. Average protocol duration is 3-6 months and it's hard for patient to remember every day

Start Protocol

Keep patients on track with automatic reminders - via Email and SMS

Get Reminders

Patient will receive daily and hourly reminders to follow the protocol, for example: exercise routines, pills, nutrition, etc

Protocol templates

Over 50 templates to choose form